Sunday, 10 April 2011

A little bit more about us...

Jim is 24, rapidly approaching 25. He is currently serving with the Royal Artillery in Afghanistan during his 4th year of service with the Territorial Army. He grew up in London and enjoys rock climbing, parkour, making cheese-on-toast for Ed when he's far too drunk to do it for himself. He's on the right hand side of the photo, which was taken in Iceland in April 2010, a few days before a major eruption at Eyjafjallaj√∂kull covered the area in ash.

Ed, shown next to the tent with his spork in his mouth, is 23, and grew up in Berlin and in Singapore. He's also a keen climber, and enjoys eating cheese-on-toast made for him by others. He spent 3 years with the Territorial Army, and over a year training to be a Royal Marines Officer. When he's not at work in the Jack Wills head office in London, he is usually found either rock climbing, training, or planning for the Iceland expedition. 

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